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Water Soluble Wax


15235107284106351.jpgWater soluble wax is used for the manufacture of soluble cores.

Recommended Operation Parameter:

Melting Temperature     90±2℃
Injection Temperature     70±2℃

Melt Water soluble wax in 5-15% solution of hydrochloric acid or citric acid at a temperature that is at least as high as the temperature of injection room, while keep stirring to avoid excessive local concentration in dissolving tank that leads to melting too slow, or even stopping melting. Keep the concentration of soluble wax in solution below 15-20% and renew the acid solution in time, otherwise, the melting will slow down or even stop. Keep the dissolving tank clean and wash it regularly.

Soluble wax is moisture absorption easily and should keep sealed. Any wax part made by soluble wax should also be used in time. The dissolving tank should be indirectly heated by water or oil in a container. Stir the solution evenly and keep the temperature of solution less than 95℃. The too high temperature will result in stratification of wax solution and failure of some components, which leads to disqualification of wax parts.

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