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Stick Wax


15235106745990782.jpgStick wax is a glue wax used to bond wax parts together. It is used in investment casting to build clusters.


SUPERIOR BOND – Stick wax has excellent adhesion and gives superior bonding.
HIGH STRENGTH – Clusters built together with stick wax will stay together during degreasing, etching and dip/dry cycles, without risk of breakage.
GOOD COMPATIBILITY – Stick Wax is compatible with commercial pattern waxes and with the various extruded wax shapes.

Stick Wax is mainly used in investment casting. Wax patterns, extruded runners, gates are glued together to form a cluster (wax tree).

Melt Stick Wax and bring temperature to 120-140℃. Dip the part to be glued briefly into the molten Stick Wax and press it firmly for a few seconds against the counterpart. Then achieve the best adhesion.

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