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Pattern Wax

Pattern Wax is used for industrial precision investment casting.

Stick Wax

Stick wax is a glue wax used to bond wax parts together.

Patch Wax

Patch Wax is used for filling imperfections in wax pattern.

Water Soluble Wax

Water Soluble wax is used for the manufacture of soluble cores.

Dalian Global-Link International Inc

Dalian Global-Link International Inc

DALIAN GLOBAL-LINK INTERNATIONAL INC. as a member of Biolink Group (Henghui Group) founded in 1996, is a wax and wax-product specialty company, which is the biggest manufacturer that supplies the entire range of consumable solutions to the Precision Investment Casting industry in China. GLOBAL-LINK also serves a wide spectrum of industries that include the casting, jewelry, military, aviation, candle, dental, cosmetic, food and other related industries.



01  Future

In last twenty years, Global-link has provided thousands tons of high-quality precision casting wax in Chinese market. In 2021, Global-link will build automatic production line and are committed to provide both products and service that exceed your expectations.                

02  2018

Global-link set up R & D and Sales Center in Jiaxing and Guangzhou. Customized service and products were provided to clients rapidly. Global-link was approved in the certification of Dalian High-tech enterprise.

03  2017

Global-link upgraded testing lab and kept its technology advanced in China.

04  2016

GLOBAL-LINK certificated ISO9001:2015.



Our casting waxes are used for blades of turbine, vane of fragile cores, auto casting, aviation parts and large structural casting that have minimum cavitations, excellent dimensional stability, good rigidity, minimum brittleness and fast cycling.